Saturday, May 9, 2009


So far so good. I had the Friday afternoon group ride with the gang. I felt pretty good, I yo-yo'd a bit but was holding my own until I flatted...and then chased for 10 miles to get back on. I never did and I took about 10 wrong turns...which pushed my mileage up to about 50. No worries though, I got back to Red Eye and replenished some carbs (read: drank heavily).

Got up early on Saturday morning to check out the Giro coverage. I started watching on Universal Sports before the commentary started. The feed was brilliant but the odd thing was that they just had open mikes on the motorcycles, so all you heard was an intermittant word or two of Italian and the "whoosh-whoosh-whoosh" of a TT bike going by. Eventually the commentary came on and it was a great race to watch. I'm looking forward to watching it and you can't beat the price.

According to velonews, Universal Sports signed a 4 year deal to broadcast the Giro and according to that article, they might be showing a lot more cycling in the future. (I think the line about being a "couch potatoes network" was aimed at Versus.) I'm already a fan, as there isn't a commercial every 2 minutes and when there is a commercial it's not for "natural male enhancement." Anyway, have fun this weekend. Check out the Giro, wear your helmet, and try to get someone hooked on bikes.

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