Sunday, June 14, 2009


Holy shit, did Garmin actually win something? I have no idea what the Delta Tour Zeeland is, but it appears that they finally got a win.

Valverde won the Dauphine today and will probably be suspended for being a "Top Fuel" athlete any day now. Italy has already banned him and it looks as if the UCI is going to follow suit. Due to the TDF crossing into Italy, he can't ride it without running the risk of getting arrested as soon as be crosses the border. Which reminds me, why do individual countries have the power to say who can ride and who cannot? What really does the UCI do besides come up with some bullshit rules about bike weight and time trail bar design? It seems like sanctions should be handed out by the governing body, not a country holding a grudge.

Wow 3 hours of cycling on Versus today. That means 1 hour of racing and 2 hours of natural enhancement commercials.

Speaking of TDF, here's the route.

LA has been twitting away about training in Aspen with Levi and Simon Garrens. Simon rides for Cervelo and is Australian, what's he doing in Aspen riding with LA every day?

and now it's was 80 and sunny.

My new favorite blog: competitivecyclist no bullshit from an industry insider.

and now it's hailing like hell...

Will Tom Danielson ever win anything? Will David Millar ever win anything...other than his countries TT championship and hell while we're at it, will DZ ever win anything other than the US TT championship. I like Garmin but winning seems to be something that they're not good at. If you're a team of time trialist's, wouldn't you think you'd win a TT from time to time...

Any expectations or predictions for the TDF? Will LA finish or will some crazed fan body check him on a climb? Does Evans have any chance in hell? This is what I think, I think Contador and Sastre are going to be scary strong. Sastre showed us a little at the Giro and Contador seemed to be "auditing" the Dauphine. The unknown is going to be VdV and one LA. I think that Astana has a chance of sweeping the podium. The big question mark is LA, is he racing or is he fucking off?

Did anyone else expect to see more of Landis this year? It's been pretty quiet but that's probably a good thing in his eyes.

go for a ride, you'll feel better. Promise.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Big Ring Classic