Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So I've always talked alot of shit about the worst BICYCLING magazine on the planet. Taking a cue from the lads over at Competitive Cyclist , I decided to check out a column that they said was pretty good. I'll hand it to them, the column is good and sometimes downright impressive. Check this recent post about everyones favorite team, named for a country that no one can point out on a globe.

I have DZ to thank for this. Also speaking of DZ, he remarked on Twitter that his TT bike flew off the top of a team car, yet none of the usual suspects ever reported on it. Hmmm.

The fuckstick of the week award goes to this ass clown. Good idea, why didn't you just say "Fuck my country" or actually "Fuck il mio paese." Smart thinking there guy.

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