Friday, January 23, 2009

Skiing, training, and family life.

Wow, it's been a week with no posts....

I've been busy at work and time not spent at work was spent at the hill, which I guess is still work. My bike is still in the trainer, where I put it about a month ago, which isn't all-in-all bad, except that I haven't ridden it. I was all super motivated and thought that I'll just leave it in the trainer as a little motivation, "look, all you have to do is get on and spin." Didn't happen, or hasn't happened yet and with all the free hours going to skiing and the urbandaughter...well it doesn't leave much for the biccletta.

I did get to pass on another family tradition the other night though. Oreo's are my only weakness...or well one of them.

Be good or be good at it.

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UrbanHermitsSister said...

I bet you didn't know your sister was a fan of your blog. I love it! Your such a great dad!!! Aela is wonderful.