Sunday, January 11, 2009

...long week

It was a long week at the hill. Lot's of lessons, a few beers with some friends, and a tragic event that devestated a family.
A 25 year old snowboarder was killed on Wednesday night.The report was that he lost control on a mogul run and experienced "blunt force trauma" to the chest. Most of the 'boarders on the hill knew him and it was said that he was a great person and a great snowboarder. The mood on the hill Thursday morning was one of shock and the feeling that something was amiss accompanied everyone that day. They took snowcat's up and flattened the mogul field (as more of a karma move than a liability one)around noon and many of us stated that we were in no big hurry to ski bumps anytime soon. I like to think of myself as a safe skier, I ski in control, I pay attention to my surroundings, and I always wear a helmet. The truth is that you never know...

Live a life that you love.

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