Sunday, April 5, 2009

April nonsense

I awoke to this scene this morning. I knew it was coming and every meteorologist had a hard-on talking about it on the news last night. With the hill having closed last week, there was nothing more to do than sit and watch it snow the nice big, wet flakes of Spring. I'd planned on maybe doing some nordic if the snow kept up, but as of about noon the snow stopped and chance for more keeps getting dwindled down in probability. I nordic skiied exactly ZERO times this past season. I was too busy at the hill and was having way too much fun skiing over 80 days.
So far, I've riden outside a whopping two times. I've got maybe 500 miles in my legs and all but 60 miles have been on the trainer. My legs are a bright butt-white and hairier than a Hustler shoot from 1970. It should eventually warm up, but it won't be "short" weather for another 4 weeks or so. I have until then to continue to bitch about the weather and my fitness I guess.

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